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Founded in fuzhou foda instrument co., LTD1996Years,Is one of the water meter industry the backbone of the manufacturing enterprises in China,Is a member of the Chinese association of measurement meter working committee。The company is located in fuzhou CangShan science and technology park,Cover an area of an area20000Square meters,The construction area25000Square meters,Fixed assets1.5One hundred million yuan。Company worker120Many people,One senior titles of technical personnel and management personnel30Many people。More and more>>

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Fujian xiamen first“One more table”Data interaction platform in operation
【China instrument network The instrument industry】The past water employees maintain customers water based file information time-consuming,Need to manually import electricity information collection system;Now only a few seconds will automatically update the data in the water side of the water meter and electricity meter archives information acquisition system of the information,Have greatly increased efficiency。
Wisdom in the urban construction Intelligent water meter increasing market demand
【China instrument network meter depth】As the Internet of things、Big data、The development of cloud computing technology,Traditional meter industry has been affected by these new technologies,Some meter companies to seize the new opportunities,Promote the traditional meter intelligent transformation。The current our country is vigorously promoting wisdom urban construction,According to related research report,“Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in”During the period,Promote the three batches of our country、A total of277Wisdom city pilot work,And got good effect。“Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in”During the period,Wisdom city construction market scale will reach4One trillion yuan。Intelligent water meter as wisdom city construction, a key link of the construction of the water
Intelligent water meter for popularity Measured promptly implement the livelihood of the people around
Water meter calibration service is implemented“The people's livelihood,Benefit the livelihood of the people”Work of one of the important measures。In recent days,In order to further implement“The people's livelihood,Benefit the livelihood of the people”,To strengthen water meter measurement supervision and administration,Regulate the behavior of measurement,Consumer interests,Xinjiang toumchouq pledges inspect bureau verification personnel to work overtime,For inspection500Only water meter calibration before the door。In the process of verification,Strictly in accordance with the metrological verification procedures verification personnel,Detailed test meter appearance、If there is a leakage phenomenon of sealing the water meter。Use of advanced instrument to detect the corresponding error value,For a water meter with questions to increase the number verification,To ensure the water meter

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